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What is a Home Theater System or Home Cinema ?

    A simple answer would be “ Any equipment that will help you watch a movie and listen to it, while it is the most entertaining method at homes these days “. We used to go to the Cinema to watch a movie on large screens with formats we couldn’t have at home, and also enjoy sound in the same manner. But now home theatre systems are available and is much cheaper so many people can install them at their homes.

What is a Good Home Theater ?

    To answer this question we have to understand a very important point. It is all about standards. When you listen to a piece of music or a system you should be listening to what the sound designer created not to listen to your own preferences it is the same like imaging when an artist shoots a certain scene using a color corrected or a calibrated display as an example there is a red color, and because your display not well calibrated or setup correctly hence you see pink instead of red, or your see red but it is vivid, then your system is not meeting the specs or standards.

    What I want to say here: The sound designer is using a set of reference equipment and speakers, and they are calibrated at Dolby Labs or by specialists. So if your system is also of a high end or it is certified by Dolby Laboratories  and it is set up correctly then you will hear the sound track exactly as the sound designer created it.

    The the standards make you “a listener “ meet the designer’s art. Also this will make you criticize the artistic Job accurately and scientifically too.

    So if your system is not well calibrated, you wouldn’t judge anything. Even if you did like what you hear. it might not be the truth.

    A good audio engineer works hardly through the setup operation of your system to make you enjoy every sound detail and make sure that you are listening to the sound tracks as the sound designer did create it.

Equalizer Myth:


                            “ Technics SH-GE90 Equalizer and sound Processor “

    Many people think that you set your equalizer in your car or at home for your own sound preference, example increase the bass sound to the level that you like or the treble be crisp and sharp. No, this is totally wrong. while for sure you can do that, but this is not the correct use of the equalizer.

    Equalizers are used to correct the room acoustics in order to achieve a flat frequency from your speakers in your room. You should buy a CD guide that has the range of audio spectrum recorded on it and start playing it. You should find the most of the tones are of the same level as much as possible starting up from the low frequency (BASS) till the High frequency (Treble).

How to Adjust your Graphic Equalizer ?

    Sit in the place you almost sit when you listen to your audio system, then play the Audio CD Guide, and listen to the recorded frequency (Spectrum) carefully, If you did realize that your speakers output the 1 Khz tone higher than the 7 Khz as an example : then you need to reduce the 1 Khz Frequency with your equalizer or you need to raise the 7 Khz Frequency so both of them are played at the same level as close a possible.

    From the previous paragraph you can understand that these speakers have a soft tweeter or a highly sensitive mid range driver or the speaker is positioned in a location in the room that helps emphasis the mid range and dims the high frequency.

Do you need a Home Cinema ?

    Well Home Cinema systems is more about entertainment than a need, but if you can live without a TV and a stereo system then for sure you won’t need a Home Cinema Setup. Though you can add more fun with such systems beside entertainment, you can watch movies that carry out new knowledge for you such as iMAX, and you can also choose the language and the subtitle that you prefer and thats the strength of the DVD Media.